Challenge Course

Wincorp Adventures Ltd has over fourteen years experience working within the corporate sector.

Groups of a minimum of 6 and up to 100 people can utilise the venue at any one time.

The course is designed for a wide age group of people and all walks of life. We've had 5 year olds, 74 year olds and everything in between!

Wincorp Adventures' tranquil venue has a unique course nestled in gorgeous bush set against a background of stunning, craggy volcanic mountain ranges.

Although some of the course may sound a bit like "Boot Camp" we are far from that.

Wincorp Adventures is a purpose built teambuilding venue. It is not a portable, staged environment. Teams experience the "Real Thing".

It is a reasonable challenge for the average person. We enable you to step out of your comfort zone, experience new things and increase your own self-confidence, get a great adrenalin rush and work better together as a team.

THE EMPHASIS IS ON HAVING FUN, while learning about yourself and your work colleagues, their reaction to certain situations which will assist you in understanding some reactions in the workplace.

Wincorp Adventures run courses for teams that include self development and team building.

There are a blend of physical and mental activities: lateral thinking, self-development, team building and leadership, where participants experience higher self-esteem and increased confidence.

The course is an all weather course. Participants wear suitable clothing for seasons.

Programmes are immediate, involving and enjoyable. Activities can help resolve conflict and assist with listening and communication skills. Participants see work colleagues in different situations and can understand and relate better with them upon returning to the work place.

Besides the activities available on our own property Wincorp Adventures is able to offer an extensive range of tours throughout the Coromandel Peninsula.

A specialty is the "Evening Glow- Worm Experience" with dessert and bubbly by candlelight in the bush.





Here at Wincorp Adventures we are able to offer a range of activities not least of all those centred around the Challenge Course:

  • Lateral Thinking Exercises
  • Suspended Climbing Walls
  • Pond Walking
  • Clay Target Shooting
  • Twin Peaks Crossing
  • Lateral Treasure Hunt
  • Communication Puzzle
  • Cat Walks
  • Car Clue Rally
  • Our courses enable participants to see themselves and their colleagues in a whole new light, reinforcing team bonds and creating a more stable and comfortable working environment. Besides this, participants can expect to be involved with...
  • Building confidence
  • Motivation
  • Problem solving
  • Understanding others better
  • Tackling new situations
  • Developing sensitivity to others abilities
  • Helping others


    A favourite quote of ours that we believe in implicitly is:
    "Tell me and I will forget
    Show me and I may remember
    Experience it and I will understand"
    Let Wincorp Adventures provide an exciting source of adventure for you and your team. Make it happen today!

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